Boat Wiring Bibliography

Tony R. Kuphaldt , "Basic Electricity" pages are a modified version of the EBook "Lessons In Electric Circuits", which is Copyright 2000-2003. The original book is released under the Design Science License. In turn, this modified version is also released under the same Design Science License.

Bill Darden , CAR AND DEEP CYCLE BATTERY FAQ 7.1 October 28, 2007. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, tips, manufacturer's information, references and hyperlinks. Car, motorcycle, power sports, truck, boat, marine, recreational vehicle, solar, and other starting and deep cycle applications.

Allied Wire & Cable, Inc .Marine Wire and Boat Cable

Ample Power - "Troubleshooting" page from Ample Power Primer

Blue Sea Systems -"Controls" page of this site provides links to the application information located on the Blue Sea website .

Robb Zuk - Wiring Practices: Marine Electrical Check list

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