Aerator Pump

An aerator pump is a specialized water pump used on fishing boats.

Part of a livewell system, in which a fisherman keeps his catch alive, the aerator (or livewell) pump helps to “aerate” the water and put oxygen into it. This is most often done by re-circulatingAttwood aerator pump - one of the best in boating the water in the livewell through the pump and back to the well via a sprayer that agitates the water and induces oxygen. These are typically known as “recirc” pumps.

Another use for this pump can be as a “pickup”, where it draws in the outside water to fill the livewell or refresh it. The pumps come in a variety of pumping capacities and are powered by 12V DC.

Aerator pumps are manufactured by several well know companies, including Attwood Marine. The Attwood Tsunami Series features innovative engineering and compact design, that delivers high output from a small package.

Attwood aerator pumps are famous for using the most advanced material available, including the best quality bearings and state-of-the-art brushes, alloys and magnets.

They offer three high-efficiency aerator pumps that move water at output capacities of 500 gph, 800 gph and 1200 gph.

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